Neuropathology FMH

Neuropathology training for residents, postdocs, and MD-PhD students

The Institute of Neuropathology in Zurich offers training opportunities for MDs with a keen academic interest in the science and the diagnosis of neurological diseases.

Successful candidates will obtain training positions which may, if desired, include a rotation in general surgical histopathology, with a goal to attain the official specialty title "Neuropathology FMH" bestowed by the Foederatio Medicorum Helvetiae (FMH). See next figure for the structure of the curriculum.

We encourage freshman candidates to enter the MD-PhD program, which enables medical students and graduates (in addition to their regular degree in medicine, dentistry, or veterinary medicine) to gain a basic natural science education which allows them to conduct regular doctoral studies at the Science Faculty of UZH, without previously attaining an MSc degree in natural science.
More information to the MD-PhD program.

Many of our Institute's trainees were extraordinarily successful during their residence and, and have rapidly ascended to high academic ranks. Former trainees of the Institute include Otmar Wiestler (Heidelberg), Karl Plate (Frankfurt), Adriano Aguzzi (Zurich), Oliver Brüstle (Bonn), Sebastian Brandner (London), Marco Prinz (Göttingen), Michael Klein (Würzburg), Markus Glatzel (Hamburg), and Frank Heppner (Berlin).

Weiterbildungsprogramm Neuropathologie FMH (PDF, german)

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